I have been described as a “human potential specialist,” and that feels appropriate, as over the years, I have been helping people find their unique gifts in every position I’ve held in many different industries.

My years of experience in different arenas varies from being an advertising executive to a college professor to an executive to an entrepreneur and franchise owner.  I am even an ordained minister!  Each of these positions has given me great insight into helping people find their authentic style of leadership.

My Personal Mission

I inspire individuals, organizations and communities to lead consciously and fulfill their highest potential and becoming great influencers.

My Vision

I see a world of happy, healthy human beings living purpose-filled lives.

What I Believe


I believe that every person is a leader.


I believe that when each person finds their authentic leadership style, we have the power to transform the conditions around us.


I believe that intuitive leadership is in perfect alignment with each person’s higher purpose, and that it sparks creativity, healing, and transformation around us.


I believe that organizations and communities are as functional and healthy as the individuals who comprise them.


I believe that each of us have a unique gift to share.