Important question for people who work 40+ hours per week on something that bores them and dream about following their passion:

If there was a predictable, personalized method for building a six-figure business without feeling scatteredoverwhelmed, or clueless about which direction to take…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make becoming an entrepreneur your #1 priority?

 Here’s why anything short of a “Hell Yes!” is costing you in more ways than you realize

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are looking for the product or service you would like to offer.  Because you haven’t taken the leap, they are buying from other businesses.

So the question is…

What’s keeping you from being the one providing it to them?

The success of your business rests heavily on your answer to this question.

If you know without a doubt…
That there is no other business doing the exact AWESOME & AMAZING work you want to do


You’ve thought about starting a business many times but have always stopped short because you’re overwhelmed by the process


You’ve got the groundwork to your business laid but can’t quite get past the scattered energy, overwhelm and fear to take the steps to actually run it full time…

then keep reading…

Because what follows could EASILY be the pivotal moment you look back on in just a few months from now when your business is up and running and you have paying customers helping you build your dream life, and all the fear and doubt and insecurity are behind you.

But first…

The Question That Can Make Every New and Struggling Entrepreneur Cringe

You may have been asked it a few times.

Or even a few DOZEN.

By folks at a networking event as you talk about what you do, in a Facebook group, with your friends at girls night out, or even with concerned in-laws.

Even just the ANTICIPATION of being asked the question can make your heart feel like it’s dropped to the pit of your stomach. You can even feel yourself sweating a little.

Do I tell the truth? Do I fib a little? What will they think of me?

It can do a number on your self-confidence.

So… what’s the question?

“What do you do for a living?”


I remember this question all too well and the frustration I felt about the answer.

Maybe you resonate with this.

It’s a question that can bring on imposter syndrome like nothing else.

To this day, I can still remember the first time I was asked that question.

It was about six months after I started my first business and was still working at my “day job.”

I was at a local networking event, sitting around a table with about 8 other business owners. We were going around the table introducing ourselves. I realized I didn’t know what to say about my business, since it only existed on paper.

I wanted to tell them about my dream business and how I was changing the world through my work.

I had my business plan done.

I’d figured out exactly what I was going to offer.

I even had an idea of who I would hire for my first employee.

But I was stuck working for someone else.

At a job paying me a fraction of what I was worth.

Doing something that held no meaning for me.

Looking back…

I’m actually so grateful people asked it.

And I’m so glad that you’re getting asked it, too.

Because that cringe-worthy question can be the catalyst you need to take the RIGHT ACTIONS that will finally allow you to answer that question with an answer that makes your heart soar and puts a huge smile on your face.

Because here’s the thing…

You were born to be an entrepreneur. 

Isn’t it time you started making the impact you should?

Let’s be real:

While the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur is pretty awesome

Setting your own hours.

Taking time off to relax, spend time with family and friends, and being there when the people you love need you.

Never having to climb the corporate ladder (or hit a glass ceiling)…

It’s not why you want to start a business.

You want to start a business because you have a big idea that you know can make an impact.  It can help people.  Change lives.

Maybe even change the world.

You have a lifetime of experience — maybe it’s from the corporate world, maybe from your commitment to health, maybe from your experiences as a mom, wife, friend, or daughter.

You have a combination of experiences that have you perfectly poised to be an entrepreneur.  Remember—imbedded in every dream is the big idea to make it come true.

You deserve to use all that knowledge to be the best version of yourself and provide value to others.

You deserve to see the numbers multiplying in your bank account as you pour your heart and soul into expanding your impact.

You deserve to feel calm, centered, and excited as you start your day knowing that you’re fulfilling your calling, being of service, and doing what you most love to do in the world.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY start the business you’ve longed to start be and have the entrepreneur’s lifestyle you deserve.

But first, a few key things…

The 3 Reasons You Still Don’t Have a
Profitable Business

(and how to fix it)


You don’t know what to do first

Let me guess…

You started this whole entrepreneurial “thing” with a purpose, excitement, and a dream to help the world.

But with hundreds of “how to start a business” searches under your belt…

And being bombarded by all the options out there…

You’re worse off than when you started.

You got confused about your “why.”

Lost in the “throwing spaghetti at the wall” syndrome (It’s a real thing).

… This week I’m gonna write my business plan…

…File my documents for a business license…

… Finally work on getting my website up…

… Research how to produce what I want to make…

… Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

… Oh… yeah, and I have to remember to put that graphic up on Instagram…

… Shoot. Where did I put that graphic?


See the spaghetti?

Here’s the thing.

It’s not about doing everything. It’s about doing the right things. In the right order.

What you need:

A straightforward plan where each step builds on the one before so you know exactly what you need to be doing at all times. No more spaghetti at the wall.


You’re just too busy

… Are you still working at a full time job?

…Running the household?

… Taking kids to lessons?  Dogs to the vet?

… You know what, maybe I just won’t start my business.  My job isn’t terrible.

Oh, no you don’t.  You’ve got tons of experience and a big idea lighting you on fire.

You just can’t figure out how to do one more thing when you’re already overwhelmed and underwater.

Maybe it just isn’t worth it.

Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to pull this off.

I’ll do it later, when the kids are older.

Or maybe after I retire.

What you need:

A solid system that shows you how to dig in deep to what you really want — what you want from life and why you want it.

And the confidence and clarity to stick with it even if you’re tempted to give up and take a nap.


You’re afraid you’ll have to go it alone

I get it.

They say, “It’s lonely at the top” for a reason.

So many decisions to make.

And they all fall on your shoulders.

Plus, there’s the constant fear of rejection.

What if no one wants what you’ll be selling?

Wishing you had 4 arms and 3 brains just to keep up the daily “momentum.”

And then there’s the business plan.  Marketing.  Insurance.  Business license.

You do have a website, right?

Don’t forget work flow, supply chain, fulfillment.

Oh, right, then there’s staffing and customer service.

You can’t do it all, but will you be able to find the right people?

And what if a ball gets dropped?  Or something major falls through the cracks?

Are you feeling exhausted and isolated just reading this?

What you need:

To leverage your unique abilities to build systems, approaches and a team so you can focus where you need to—on the big picture.

The Good News is…

Building a Profitable and Sustainable Business is Easier Than You Think

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that starting a business around YOUR values, strengths, and purpose is critical to your success.

But maybe you didn’t know that by building your business using The Business Builder Blueprint, you’ll also be able to:

  • Have a clear idea of the impact you want to make with your product.
  • Speak the language of entrepreneurs, your customers and larger the community easily and in a way that attracts support, investment and ideas effortlessly.
  • Become an entrepreneur in thought, feeling and
  • Develop the necessary foundation to keep growing your business to higher and higher levels so that even a 7-figure business is in reach.
  • Create a legacy business that gives you tremendous satisfaction by living in your purpose and having an audacious influence in your community and world.  Creating an upward spiral of awesomeness.
  • Create a true lifestyle business— one that gives you real freedom and flexibility. Plan that vacation to the pyramids. Ask a friend to coffee at 10am in the middle of a weekday. Spend 5 hours a week volunteering at your favorite non-profit. Heck, why not start your own non-profit. Whatever you desire.
  • Finally answer with confidence and pridewhen people ask you: “What do you do for a living?”

Yes, all of this is within your reach (whether you’re brand new to a business or have been struggling for a while)…

… but they do depend on you following a succinct, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages the 80/20 principle in which 20% of the effort brings you 80% of the results.

One that moves you beyond the “throwing spaghetti at the wall” syndrome.

One that is not a cookie cutter approach because it uses your genius, values, and purpose as the foundation.


One that you’ll ecstatically look back on a few months from now when you do a double-take at your bank statement, and are well on your way to a six-figure business of your own.

Here’s Exactly How It Works …

I’ll walk you through the complete framework for building the foundational pieces necessary to become a six-figure entrepreneur—the system that allows you to work on your business, not for your business and gives you the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur.

Here’s Exactly What You Get

I’ve used my 20 years of experience starting 7 businesses to design this program specifically for new and struggling entrepreneurs to get them up and running fast.  Each topic has 3 comprehensive modules within it so that you can think through every step of your business and take the appropriate actions in the right order.

  • Building a Strong Foundation
    • Get Your Values Straight—businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. They have to be aligned with your values, or they will falter before they even get started.
    • Keep Thinking Big—it’s so easy to think big when our first idea comes to us, and then equally easy to downgrade as we go along. I’ll show you how to keep your optimism high and your enthusiasm higher.
    • Make Sure There’s Power in Your Purpose—sometimes we throw the word “purpose” around without really defining it. In this case, your purpose means the reason your business exists, and the impact you want it to make.
  • Succeeding without Sacrificing
    • Do What Makes You Thrive—we spend a lot of time thinking about overcoming weaknesses, when our power is really in finding our strengths. I’ll help you be sure you’re playing to your strong suit in every endeavor.
    • Learn How to Manage Your Moods—we aren’t victims to our feelings. We can all find rest, joy, and motivation if we know where to look.  The Business Builder Blueprint puts you in the emotional driver’s seat.
    • Find the Perfect Balance—being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that the business takes over your life! You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries so that you can really live the life you dream of.
  • Finding the Right People
    • Learn Your Leadership Style—whether you are a lone consultant or thinking of building a corporate empire, you need to know how you lead. Figure out your style and then find people who complement you as you grow.
    • Learn to Ride the Wave—let’s face it, change happens. How we handle it speaks volumes for how we build our businesses.  If you can build a culture that bounces back, there’s nothing you can’t tackle.
    • Learn to Tell the Truth—I’m not saying you’re lying, but none of us like to say the uncomfortable things. It’s so much easier to “go along to get along.”  The problem is, you’ll get along but you won’t get ahead.  Learn how to have the hard conversations kindly.


So if you’re still here, let’s wrap this up with a little tough love.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a wanna-be entrepreneur who wants to start out on the right foot by not wasting time, energy, money or sanity going it alone or making false starts, you need the Business Builder Blueprint.

If you’ve been struggling to get your business off life support, you need the Business Builder Blueprint.

If you can’t take one more day of going to a job you have come to hate because it represents a failure to live your dreams, you need the Business Builder Blueprint.

If you’ve cried in frustration over starting your business in the past three months, you need the Business Builder Blueprint.

Judy Coaching

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I’m not trying to be sales-y or aggressive, but I so strongly believe that personal and global transformation won’t happen in houses of worship or the halls of Congress, but in business started by entrepreneurs just like you.  I don’t want you to have to wait another day to get going, so I’m offering you all this value so we can get started on changing the world together.

Are you with me?







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