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Bad Habits Die Hard

Bad Habits Die Hard

I recently caught myself falling back into a bad habit that I thought I had broken. Can you relate? Do you have bad habits you … Read More

Confidence is Contagious. So is its absence.

Confidence is Contagious

Do you know that you know what you’re doing? Notice that I didn’t ask, “do you know what you’re doing?” I asked, “Do you know … Read More

Want to live like you are on vacation?

Live Like You’re on Vacation

It’s summer. Vacation time, right? I remember when I was a kid, I loved summer. I loved summer vacation. I loved the feeling of freedom … Read More

Are you ready to be in the emotional driver's seat?

Are You Burning Out?

Do you feel like an emotional powder keg? Do you feel like your emotions are right on the surface and any moment they’re going to … Read More