How do you shake up the status quo without creating catastrophe?  One word:  Purpose.

The only way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to focus on your reason for going there.

Purpose.  Meaning.  Intention.  Without these, nothing seems to go right, in business and in life.  With them, you cannot go wrong.

The magic ingredient to success and fulfillment is finding purpose.  It may seem elusive, but it is possible to create your life, your organization, and your leadership style around a stunning purpose.

That’s where I come in.

I have spent the past 20 years working with individuals and organizations to find their purpose.  I’d love to help you and your business find yours.

Find the New Normal

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The Magic of Purposeful Leadership

Leadership under Fire:  Gettysburg

The Model

I take a holistic approach to leadership.  In order to be effective, we must lead ourselves, our teams, and our organizations simultaneously.  The “magic” of transformation happens when we create an audacious purpose as our destination, harness our own power as the engine to drive us and surround ourselves with like-minded people to take the journey.

Purposeful Leadership is all about audacity.  We start by setting an AUDACIOUS PURPOSE that is big enough and compelling enough to excite and engage our team.  Next, we build a CAN-DO CULTURE by having the audacity to build resiliency in times of upheaval, initiate courageous communications, and always improve the customer experience.  Finally, we have to practice SELF-MASTERY, the audacious concept of caring for ourselves first, enhancing our emotional intelligence, and staying focused on our personal purpose.  In theory, it makes sense.  In practice, it takes courage and AUDACITY

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Dr. Judy’s next Gettysburg Leadership Intensive is coming in October 2020!  Contact Dr. Judy or Rautenstraus Travel http://rautenstraustravel.com/ for more information.


″Judy Morley’s presentation on leadership can be applied to any association, non-profit or corporation.  Her extensive background in all three fields make it relevant to any audience.  She will get your attendees thinking out of the box by applying her strategies and techniques around leadership in their everyday jobs.”

Joe Martin, Partner and Director of Conferences, BDI Events

“Dr. Judy Morley brings passion, clarity, context and relevance to her work as a speaker.  Our clients were spellbound at Gettysburg National Cemetery on a rainy day when she eloquently recited from memory Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  We feel fortunate to have our clients share the American experience through her invaluable perspectives.  Judy is an engaging, inclusive and joyous speaker who brings leadership to life through history.  Book her now!”

Kent and Kathleen Rautenstraus, owners, Rautenstraus Travel

“As a business owner, it is so refreshing to come across a professional speaker who is authoritative on their topic matter, engaging in their speaking style, and exceptionally motivating.  Judy Morley is a professional business speaker I would not hesitate to bring into any level of my organization to impart thoughtful and useful management strategies, business concepts, or personal development enhancements.”

Colette Bell, Founding Partner, Handyman Matters

“Judy Morley is a clear, compassionate and effective speaker.  Her facilitation skills are masterful and she has been a great blessing in her work with our Board of Trustees. I recommend her highly.”

Roger W. Teel, Spiritual Director, Mile Hi Church
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