Are You Struggling to Lead Your Team through Transition?

Do you feel overwhelmed by changes beyond your control?

Being a leader today is hard. When everything is changing, how do you know if you’re heading in the right direction?

And let’s face it…most women leaders want to direct their teams through change without, to be blunt, being a bitch.


What if you had a guide who could lead you through the steps to overcome whatever adversity your team is facing?

And do it with grace and kindness?

If that sounds good, check out my video class, “How to Manage Conflict without being a B!T@H.”

This complimentary workshop gives you the confidence to lead your team through transitions….

…without losing your cool.

Your team–and the world–needs what you have to offer. Your vision, your leadership and your business are important. Feeling overwhelmed and stuck doesn’t have to be part of your day.

My video class is free, no strings attached.
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Judy Morley is a clear, compassionate, and effective speaker. Her facilitation skills are masterful, and she has been a great blessing in her work with our Board of Trustees.  I recommend her highly.

Roger W. Teel, Spiritual Director Emeritus, Mile Hi Church