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The Leadership Constant

By Dr. Judy Morley | Published in December 2022

Humans have been conditioned to fear and avoid changes, but no advancement happens without it. Change is the driving factor behind all progress even though we are inherently uncomfortable with it and strive to maintain the status quo. We prefer repetitive, routine tasks with minimal energy which is why so much of our lives happen on autopilot.

Comfort zones provide a sense of well-being, but change happens and we are thrust into transitions, sometimes against our will. It takes time to process the emotions and adapt to a new environment with a new set of rules and as difficult as that is for individuals, the level of complexity is multiplied in organizations. This provides specific challenges to leadership who must adapt the conscious act of leading audaciously as it is the difference between survival and failure. A leader must motivate people out of their natural preference for inertia and into a new level of excitement about making changes that they are programmed to resist. History provides excellent examples of audacious leadership strategies.

Dr. Judy Morley outlines five audacious strategies, illustrated by examples from the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, and contemporary businesses. Each strategy is considered audacious because it didn’t necessarily follow the prescribed norms and called for bold, daring action. The success of these strategies in the microcosm of the Battle of Gettysburg is reinforced by a contemporary example in the macrocosm of today’s business world. If the use of these strategies can change the course of humanity, they can certainly beef up your leadership.

5 Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity

By Dr. Judy Morley | Published in May 2021

This must-read handbook is essential for anyone who is experiencing hardship, pain, illness or difficulty of any kind. Whether or not it feels like you’ve been hit by a Cosmic 2×4, after learning the 5 steps presented by Dr. Judy Morley, you’ll be prepared to face any challenge large or small.

The wisdom gained by her encounter with a life-threatening condition is valuable regardless of whether or not you’re facing a crisis. In 5 Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity, Dr. Morley shows readers step-by-step not only how to overcome, but to celebrate the challenges we encounter in our daily lives.

Filled with practical advice, exercises and inspiring stories Judy will guide you to a life of your dreams as you embrace her 5 steps of living beyond your limits:

Make peace with where you are

Take responsibility

Identify the benefits

Release limiting beliefs

Make a plan for success

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How to Master Conflict without Being a B!T@H