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5 Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity

By Dr. Judy Morley | Published in May 2021

This must-read handbook is essential for anyone who is experiencing hardship, pain, illness or difficulty of any kind. Whether or not it feels like you’ve been hit by a Cosmic 2×4, after learning the 5 steps presented by Dr. Judy Morley, you’ll be prepared to face any challenge large or small.

The wisdom gained by her encounter with a life-threatening condition is valuable regardless of whether or not you’re facing a crisis. In 5 Spiritual Steps to Overcome Adversity, Dr. Morley shows readers step-by-step not only how to overcome, but to celebrate the challenges we encounter in our daily lives.

Filled with practical advice, exercises and inspiring stories Judy will guide you to a life of your dreams as you embrace her 5 steps of living beyond your limits:

Make peace with where you are

Take responsibility

Identify the benefits

Release limiting beliefs

Make a plan for success

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