Confidence is Contagious

Do you know that you know what you’re doing?

Notice that I didn’t ask, “do you know what you’re doing?”

I asked, “Do you know that you know what you’re doing?” That’s a different question.

It’s a question of confidence.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is easy to lack confidence. There are so many new things you have to think about!

If you’re creating a new business, you may have absolute confidence in your ability to offer the product or service you intend to provide.

But you still have to go through the process of figuring out the structure of your business, figuring out how to market your business, figuring out how to staff your business, and just figuring it all out, period.  There can be a steep learning curve and that can easily shake your confidence, no matter how much you start out with.

Confidence is more important than any of the things you’re trying to figure out. Because confidence is crucial, knowing that you know is ultra-important to building your confidence.

It’s hard to feel confident when you think you don’t know what you’re doing, but finding a way to build your confidence, not only in your product or service, but also in your ability to run the business, gives you a solid foundation.

The bottom line is confidence is contagious.

You’ve probably noticed how you can tell when someone walks into a room and they’re really confident.  All eyes are drawn to them.  Do you have a friend who exudes self-assurance?  Have you noticed how you love being around her?  Don’t you always feel better in her presence?

Here’s the rub.  Lack of confidence is also contagious.

If you’re feeling shaky about any part of your business, your potential customers will feel it. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “fake it until you make it.”  That works in some areas, but not with confidence.  You know that person who is all false bravado and braggadocio?  Do you immediately know she’s overcompensating?  Of course you do.

Finally, you don’t want to start your business without confidence because that consciousness will create a shaky foundation and permeate everything you do.  It will show up in your products because you’ll make questionable decisions.  It will show up in your services because you will second guess yourself.  A lack of confidence will permeate everything you’re working on, and you don’t want that.

One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is to have a plan. If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, the best way to know that you know, is to go find out, right?

That’s the reason that I created the Business Builder Blueprint one-on-one coaching program.  Every step of the way, my program will help you know that you know.  Once you know which steps to take and when, you’ll get a boost of confidence that really will be contagious.

You wouldn’t want to start a business if you didn’t think you could help people.  I know you want to have an impact. You want to help clients and customers. You want to provide services and products, and you are very confident in that.

Don’t let a lack of confidence in your business skills ruin this beautiful thing that you’ve started. The first step to knowing what you’re doing is knowing when and where to get help.

One of the first steps you can take is to sign up for my Business Builder Action Plan call.  This is a 90-minute call where I walk you through the three main areas and 9 specific steps you need to unshakable confidence in your business.

This call is usually an investment of $227, but I would love to offer it to you for $97.  You can sign up by clicking this link:

Don’t let yourself be the person who is faking it.  Allow your confidence to be contagious!  Know that you know!  I want to make sure that at least you know that.

About the author

Dr. Judy Morley has been described as a “human potential specialist.” Her years of experience in different arenas varies from being an advertising executive to a college professor to an executive to an entrepreneur and franchise owner.  Each of these positions has given her great insight into helping people find their authentic style of leadership.