Change Your Thinking Habits!

Have you ever had a really big dream, a really big idea, and you wanted it so bad, but you couldn’t figure out where to start?

Or worse, have you ever wanted it and figured out how to start, but kept sabotaging yourself?

There’s a lot of that that happens with entrepreneurs. We get big ideas. We want what we want.  Then we repeat old habits that don’t serve us.

I went through this for years. I had ideas about businesses that would be great. And then I would start them and get partway down the road and something would happen, and I would hit a roadblock. So I’d just give up and go get a job again.

Or I would have the big idea and I would do the market research and write out the business plan, but I just couldn’t figure out how to keep it working, so I’d give up and go get a job again.

This was my pattern until I found a great book called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It’s a fabulous book that teaches us how to stop doing this.

Basically we have old, unhelpful thought patterns that repeat themselves.  They are patterns that tell us things like “I’m not good enough,” “who do I think I am,” “I’m getting too big for my britches,” whatever it was in your family. Until we find them and break them, we’re just going to repeat the habit, just like chewing your fingernails or any other habit you might have.

If you have this problem, if you are finding it hard to break through a barrier because you keep starting and then either sabotaging yourself or getting discouraged, figure out a way to find the habit of thought—not the habit out here in the world, but the habit of thought—that is blocking you and do whatever you can to break that habit.

Break the habit of being yourself because it’s worth it on the other side.

It’s really hard to do because we have to stop and watch our every thought. But when you get to the other side, then everything you’ve been wanting is there.

It helps to have a friend in on this with you.  It’s always easier to see the thought habits in someone else than it is in ourselves, so ask a friend or a coach to show you the places where you let old thought habits sabotage you.  If you don’t have anyone in your immediate circle, reply to this email and I’m happy to help!

Try it!  You have nothing to lose but your bad thought habits! Visit my website to connect with me.

About the author

Dr. Judy Morley has been described as a “human potential specialist.” Her years of experience in different arenas varies from being an advertising executive to a college professor to an executive to an entrepreneur and franchise owner.  Each of these positions has given her great insight into helping people find their authentic style of leadership.