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Live out LOUD

Live Out Loud

When you were a kid, did you hear the phrase “Children should be seen and not heard?” That seemed to be one of my family’s … Read More

For What Purpose

For What Purpose?

One of my favorite questions to ask is “for what purpose?”  There are so many good ideas out in the world!  As a leader, whenever … Read More

Take Inspired Action like this little superhero

Take Inspired Action

Are you busy all the time?  If so, are you productive?  Americans are great at keeping busy, but we don’t necessarily move toward our goals.  … Read More

Do the Unexpected!

Do the Unexpected!

If you’ve ever read a book on leadership, it probably provided you with a checklist of things to do to be successful.  Most leadership experts … Read More

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

How courageous are you in your conversations?  Are you a straight shooter, who tells it like it is?  Or do you default to telling people … Read More

Thinking BIG

Thinking Big

What keeps you from thinking big? Chances are, you had an audacious dream when you were younger, and a big idea of what your life … Read More