Are You Burning Out?

Do you feel like an emotional powder keg?

Do you feel like your emotions are right on the surface, and any moment they’re going to blow?

Between juggling work, kids, the stress of a spouse, community commitments, keeping the house and everything else, you just can’t control your emotions all the time? Are you sometimes just weepy and don’t know why?

This used to happen to me all the time.  Someone would say something nice to me or show compassion, and I’d absolutely break down, because I was so used to having a hard shell over me all the time.

These are symptoms of burn out.  It’s so easy to burn out when you are juggling so much, but when we burn out, we lose control of our emotions.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You lose control and blow up, even though you’re trying not to blow up, but you can’t help it. Then after you blow up, whether it’s at a colleague or your kids, you enter a cycle of feeling guilty and ashamed and embarrassed.

That goes on for a little while, then you’re mad at yourself.  The guilt, shame, and embarrassment, turn to anger, which then turns outward and you blame others.  Or you resent them or your situation.

All of that is just toxic emotion that keeps you on a hamster wheel. The only way to make it better is to step off the wheel.

I know a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who are at that point.  They feel like they’ve been on the hamster wheel, and they just can’t do it anymore.

If that’s you, I totally get it. I was there for so long, feeling like I had this hard shell over me, and that I could never feel my feelings because if I did, I’d either lose control and get angry or I’d lose control and be a puddle on the floor.

If the answer is to step off the treadmill, why don’t we?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the answer is probably fear.  You’re afraid that you won’t be able to make your business go, or you don’t have the confidence that you’re going to be good at what you do or there are financial worries about having enough stability.

It’s a lot to think about, but the way you navigate it all is called emotional intelligence.  You’ve probably heard that phrase, but never knew what it meant.

It means being able to identify and manage your emotions in a healthy way, not ignore them or disconnect from them.

Knowing what you feel is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs.  The flip side of that is that people with high emotional intelligence make great entrepreneurs!

If you’re ready to jump off the hamster wheel and start your own business”.

If you’re ready to get control of your emotions”.

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re juggling a million things at once”.

I can help.

I would love to talk to you about doing the work to get control of burn out and the fear and anxiety about starting your business, so that you can really launch into a business that fits your life.

If you want a steady income that doesn’t sap your energy and fray your nerves, it’s time to launch your business and get moving toward your goals.

If you’re ready, go to my website, and let’s see if we can have a conversation about how I can help you get off the hamster wheel, get control of your life and start the business. That’ll be your ticket to freedom.

About the author

Dr. Judy Morley has been described as a “human potential specialist.” Her years of experience in different arenas varies from being an advertising executive to a college professor to an executive to an entrepreneur and franchise owner.  Each of these positions has given her great insight into helping people find their authentic style of leadership.